Cambridge Misc: Shakespeare, Parker's Piece and the A14's Worst Day - 17th-26th July 2006

Isobel and Nosher meet up with Francis from work for a spot of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in the grounds of St. John's College, Cambridge on a gorgeous, balmy summer's evening; several days later, Nosher and Isobel have a picnic on Parker's Piece, where there are several kickabouts going on in the evening sun; a giant moth alights in the office upstairs; Nosher is stuck for a thousand hours on the A14 near Newmarket - a van carrying fuel canisters catches fire 100 metres away from the Rowley Mile BP service station on the 3-lane bit of the A14. OK, so it's potentially major, but as usual The Man over-reacts a bit by closing off the A14 for about 10 miles in both directions. So, with nothing better to do, Nosher climbs out and sits on the roof of the car for a few hours and waits it out as a 1-hour trip turns into 5.

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A monster moth turns up in the upstairs office at work. It's 6cm long

Isobel rustles up a stir-fry

The crowds await the start of the outdoor Shakespeare

Francis and Isobel

The picnic scene in the grounds of St. John's College, Cambridge

The actors take a curtain call

Later, a knockabout game of footie takes place in Parker's Piece

Construction cranes

Motionless traffic on the A14. Some guy stands in the opposite carriageway (which is closed 15 miles up)

Next to Nosher, some business guy chats to a Dutch 'Post Kogeko' heavy driver

People just hang about on the crash barrier, or eat food out of the boot of their car

Some dude takes it easy for a bit

A whole line of heavies queued up in the shimmering heat, as far as the eye can see

Further down the road (as the traffic has moved half a mile or so) more stationary traffic on the A14/A11

A police 'spotter chopper' surveys the scene

Says it all really

The coppers cordon off huge swathes of road

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A monster moth turns up in the upstairs office at work. It's 6cm long