A Night on the Beer, Norwich, Norfolk - 9th June 2006

Nosher gets back from a few days working in Spain in time for a Friday trip up to Norwich: taxi from the pub to Diss Station; train to Norwich and then a cab from there to the Fat Cat off Dereham Road for several beers. From there, The Mikey-P Massive and Jen+Simon join us to continue the beer theme (and then give us a lift down to the Reindeer on the corner of Valentine Street and Dereham Road). The Reindeer is only feet away from Nosher's old house on Valentine Street, and it's a bit strange sitting there looking at the old pad. In 1987, The Reindeer was a much smaller pub with its own brewery, but it's good to see that my old barber - "Sweeney's" - is still there. After the Reindeer, it's a short walk down St. Benedict's Street to the Ten Bells, opposite Norwich Arts Centre. Finally, it's another lift, courtesy of Mikey-P, who drops us off at the station, where we just make the last train back to Diss with around 5 seconds to spare...

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The Sock rolls around on Nosher's desk (setting the 'fat cat' theme to come)

In The Boy Phil's garage: a village fete sign

Waiting rooms on the platform at Diss Station

Dave, Marc and Sue arrive along the platform

Marc, Phil, Sue and Jen at the Fat Cat in Norwich

Jen, Simon, Dave and Bill in the evening sun

The Fat Cat pub, Norwich

Bill and Marc messa round. Sue looks on, concerned

Entertaining old sign on the wall of the Fat Cat

Nosher's old barber: Sweeney's on Valentine Street

Nosher's 1987 Norwich pad: 4 Valentine Street.

The Mikey-P Massive in the Reindeer

Marc in the Reindeer

Mikey-P Massive, Lou, Simon and Jen

On the 'one' (formerly Anglia Railways) train back to Diss

Bill pouts

Back round Marc's afterwards: a dead rook hangs from a pole

Marc and Sue rustle up a top midnight fry-up

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The Sock rolls around on Nosher's desk (setting the 'fat cat' theme to come)