Weekly Misc, and a Spitfire Fly-by, Suffolk - 2nd June 2006

A round-up of some random shots: first up, Wavy and the "ping-pong massive" have their presentation up the pub - Nosher is asked to take some photos which were meant to appear in the Diss Express (but as usual they ended up sticking a few lines of text in and nothing else); next there's a BBs rehearsal in the youth centre in Diss; John Hart plus Liam "The Harvs" play up to Cock Inn on Fair Green (on the night of Nosher's birthday); Finally, Hollywood - a mate of Mustang-flying Maurice Hammond - does a mini air display over the back field in his D-Day-coloured Spitfire (seeing a Spitfire is always a joy)

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Wavy does a table-tennis presentation

The table-tennis league does a group photo

Nosher's mic is ready for action at a BBs rehearsal

Rob and Max tune up

Hollywood's Spitfire flies around

The iconic and gorgeous profile of a Spitfire's elliptical wings

Another classic profile of the Spitfire as it heads off

Cat 'A' - Soph-Bags - up a tree

Sophie looks up whilst sitting in a tree

Liam, out of The Harvs, plays in the Cock Inn, Diss

Liam and a guy on harmonica

Liam, harmonica guy and John Hart

The Sock (Cat 'B') looks back from the greenhouse

The Sock sits up an ornamental cherry tree

The Sock perches on a statue

A harvest moon rises

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Wavy does a table-tennis presentation