Manhattan By night, New York, USA - 1st May 2006

After a trip to East Village, a pastrami Reuben at Katz's deli and an obortive earlier attempt to see guitar legend Les Paul, Nosher and Phil decide to leg it up to the top of the Empire State Building. I'd been up 12 years ago during the day time, and it was always a desire to see it in the sunset. As it happened, by the time we struggled through the queues to the top, there was only just a hint of the remains of the day, but nevertheless it wasn't a disappointment as the whole of the illuminated city lay spread out below. It was also a chance to giggle inwardly at all the tourists with their tiny compacts taking flash photos of each other (yeah, your flash is sure gonna light up the whole of Manhattan!). Meh - camera snobbery, and why not :-). Afterwards, having had finally made it for the 10pm Les Paul show, I returned to the hotel to pick up a tripod and, armed with a sense of adventure fueled by several Brooklyn dark beers, headed off to nearby Times Square to do some night-time photography of the shiny lights found there.

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Looking westwards over the Hudson River into New Jersey, and along 33th and 34th Streets

Looking downwards from the 102nd floor

North east view, with the Chrysler Building slight to the right of centre

South east, towards Brooklyn Bridge

Directly south. The small purple blob (top-left) is the ConEdison building near 3rd and 15th

Another downwards view, which looks cool in black-and-white

A view over the East River

A few people mill around Times Square

Taxi cabs stream around like a flock of fast yellow sheep

South down Broadway

View from a hangover (a technical accident as the tripod is bumped or slips, but it looks kinda cool)

Another technical error: over-exposed, but I like it somehow

The uniquitous Swatch Watch shop

Another peek at Times Square

A pipe vents steam into the night

People on the street are caricatured

The corner of Broadway and around 44th Street

Black-and-white crosswalk

Taxi and hot-dog stand

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Looking westwards over the Hudson River into New Jersey, and along 33th and 34th Streets