Fire Island Lighthouse, New York State - 30th April 2006

After lunch at the beach house, we head off for a trip to visit the lighthouse on the western end of Fire Island. The lighthouse had fallen in to disrepair after it was previously decommissioned, and was nearly demolished before a rescue effort was mounted and the lighthouse restored. It's also built entirely of brick, is unusually tall and the views from the top are amazing. Thanks to the weather we get a chance to see all the way back to New York, where the Empire State building can be made out on the horizon (apparently, fairly rare in itself). Of course, the lack of vehicles on the island means that we cycle there: Phil on the Fire Department rapid-response cycle, Kai on the back, Lolly on a mountain bike and Nosher on something about 10 sizes too small...

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Lolly, Phil and Kai cycling along Central on Fire Island

The lighthouse, in black and white

Climbing the steps to the visitors' centre

The view west over the end of Fire Island

Looking east back towards Kismet, Saltaire and the rest of the island

Looking down on the lighthouse keeper's house

The working light in the lantern room

Inside the lantern room, and cool old telephone

Phil peers up from the steps. On the right, is copper plating on the floor

Walking back down proves to be an order of magnitude easier than coming up

Spiral cast-iron staircase, and the brick walls of the lighthouse

Phil exits the lighthouse

Soaking up a bit of sun outside

Time for a snack

Phil and Lolly do a silly pose

On the beach

Sand dunes and lighthouse (taken accidentally at 1600ISO, hence the grain)

Phil sets off back to the house, with Kai on the back

On the way back we pass the quaintly-named Kismet Fire Department

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Lolly, Phil and Kai cycling along Central on Fire Island