Rainbows and Easter Sunday, Suffolk - 16th April 2006

Nosher's booked to play the church organ for the Easter Sunday gig at Thrandeston Church, and so flies back from San Diego for a week (Rock'n'Roll, huh). As well as the Sunday gig, there's also chance to catch an impressive double rainbow over the fields of Suffolk.

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A double rainbow over the field behind my house

Close up of a double rainbow chord

A single fluffy white cloud drifts past the disappearing rainbow


Caught in a traffic jam: crash barrier and drain on the A14

Electricity Pylon

Sunset seen on a Thursday bike ride. A plane heading for Mildenhall can just be seen

Flowers by the door in Thrandeston Church

Flowers in the window

A striking display of yellow Forsythia

An interesting jug-in-the-wall

Reverend Rob in the church doorway

Thrandeston Church

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A double rainbow over the field behind my house