San Francisco Part 2: Lombard Street to Fisherman's Wharf - 11th March 2006

Part two of the trek up and down the steep streets of San Francisco takes Nosher from Telegraph Hill over to the waterfront and Fisherman's Wharf. Whilst walking from the Coit end of Lombard to the twisty end, I'm actually passed by people jogging up the insane gradients. Now that seems like way too much like hard work. Anyway, the scene around Lombard street is suitably comical, as millions of tourists are milling around having their photo taken, whilst Fisherman's Wharf is a bit bogusly touristy, but still has points of interest

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At the foot of Coit Tower, local kids hang around a slide down the street on cardboard sheets

Brightly-coloured apartment on Lombard Street (the normal non-twisty bit)

A car completes the tricky navigation of Lombard Street

A packed Powell-Hyde trolley pauses at the top of a hill

Looking down Hyde Street towards Fisherman's Wharf

Rusted chain-link fence guards a strange 'roof in the ground'

Another Powell-Hyde cable car

Ornate ironwork balconies

After seeing this shop, the tune from the film kept running through my head (like, all day). I did succumb later on and 'biked the bridge'.

Tall ship moored on the Hyde Street Pier

A Houdini-style street entertainer escapes from his shackles...

...assisted in part by a small dog

A Neil Young-alike hippie plays some quailty music whilst hordes of tourists wait to board a cable car

The bondage guy comes over

The hippie dude laments how he somehow raised two Republican kids

The old Route 101 ferry (the only way across to North California before the 1937 opening of the Golden Gate Bridge)

Another marina, further along Fisherman's Wharf

A guy steams a ton of crabs

Nice, contrasty, sign on Pier 43 (and a half)

A seagull coldly surveys its world

'The Rock': Alcatraz Island. I'd hoped to get there, but it was sold out

Rusted rails

An old 'boat/train' pier, undergoing restoration

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At the foot of Coit Tower, local kids hang around a slide down the street on cardboard sheets