The BBs do a Live Recording, Shelfanger Village Hall - 11th February 2006

In order to get a live recording, The BBs decide to organise a gig of our own (well, actually Jo does all the organiseing bit :-), and so we hire Shelfanger Village Hall for the whole of Saturday so that we can set up a thousand microphones, plus a mini recording studio in a back-room. The gig is done in aid of the British Heart Foundation as well, just to get the word about a bit more, and the gig ends up sold-out.

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The stage, built in 1958 and still going, is set up

Henry and Max eat sandwiches

Henry sets his kit up

Jo and Max talk about stuff

More setting up: Henry goes 'ooooh' into an overhead mic

The venue - Shelfanger Village Hall - a nicely modernised 1940s building

Henry behind his drum-kit

Alex sets up a bass-drum mic

The guys in the porta-studio

Alex twiddles knobs on the desk

Just before the gig, the band present a cheque to the British Heart Foundation reps

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The stage, built in 1958 and still going, is set up