The Tilting Sky Launch Party, Norwich Arts Centre - 24th January 2006

The Tilting Sky promotes new bands and music in the Eastern region, and has been up and running for a few months now. To celebrate its launch, the Tilting Sky's manager, Craig Hill, organises a launch party at Norwich Arts Centre - one of Nosher's favourite venues. For a while, I've been following and photographing some of the acts in the stable, in particular Alex Hill (previously seen at Bar 13 in Diss, Yaxley and several appearances at the much-missed Revolution Records) and the band Vanilla Kick (seen at the Banham Barrel). Several of Nosher's photos have been used on the cover of Vanilla Kick's new CD, and on flyers for events, and in return for their use, Craig generously puts Nosher's name (plus The Boy Phil and Billy Boy) on the door, and lets me have free-range (kind of access-all-areas, except that the Arts Centre doesn't seem to worried about cameras anyway) to take photos of the night. It's an excellent, varied gig covering acoustic moments from the aforementioned Alex Hill plus Andrew Taylor, through to more enegertic indie rock from Vanilla Kick, Tommy Twist and the Jive and SevenDayStory...

next album: Revolution Records' Epilogue, and a Night in Cambridge - 27-28th January 2006
previous album: Acoustic Night at the Village Hall, Yaxley, Suffolk - 21st January 2006

Callum Duncan, of Vanilla Kick, starts the night off

Rory Hill and the lights

Callum again

Rory lays back

In a guitar zone

Surrounded by monitors

Close-ups of Callum doing his thing

Harry Hall on drums,and the interesting reflections behind his kit

Rory Hill on bass

Vanilla Kick

Craig Hill introduces the next set from Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor and a great acoustic-guitar set

Tom Folkard, and Tommy Twist and the Jive

Paz fixes his guitar strap with a matchstick

Paz on backing vocals and guitar

Tom Folkard tunes up

Paz leaps into the air

Tom and Paz do a bit of a Mick 'n' Keith

Paz has a hair moment

Alex Hill performs a great, strong, set

SevenDayStory kick of the final set of the night...

...with an indie rock set tinged with a bit of skate grunge

A view of the Arts Centre after the end of the gig

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Callum Duncan, of Vanilla Kick, starts the night off