The Villainy of Supermarkets: A Debate, Diss - 12th January 2006

Spotted in the window of Nosher's favourite deli (Convivium on St Nicholas Street in Diss) was a flyer advertising a debate in Diss about the impact of supermarkets and their rôle as hero or villain. Food is a subject close to Nosher's heart (hence the name), and so it seemed like it might be worth a scope, especially as a representative from a supermarket chain was alleged to be making an appearance. At the final reckoning, said supermarket rep bailed out (was anyone really surprised?), but there was still some debate to be had and some interesting, if perhaps occasionally utopian, ideas were put forward. All I can think of, after buying decent provisions from several of the small shops in Diss and then trawling around Morrison's to get cat food and looking at the utter crap that some people pile into their trolleys is: there's a long way to go. (Things may have got a lot better in recent years, but there's still a long way to go.). Also notable was the appearance of local MP Richard Bacon (representing South Norfolk), making that the second of those seemingly reclusive creatures - local MPs - that Nosher's now seen (the previous was Michael Lord at the Hartismere hospital demo). To his credit, Mr Bacon MP did a sterling job of managing the debate, keeping panelists to their alloted time and fielding questions from the floor...

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A few photos of Richard Bacon, MP, on the mic

A grower puts his case as to why supermarkets are the spawns of Satan

A representative from the 'Produced in Norfolk' consortium does her presentation

Keith, out of Castle's the greengrocer/café in Diss, lays out some facts about the economic impact of supermarkets...

...and explains how the net loss to the local job economy every time a new supermarket opens is 276

Think different: A guy from the OU who lives on Fair Green in Diss discusses some Gaian ideas for more food co-operatives

A representative of the Diss Christian Church, in whose building the debate takes place, discusses community participation

Richard Bacon, MP, takes notes

The entire panel

The respectably-large crowd breaks up.

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A few photos of Richard Bacon, MP, on the mic