Vanilla Kick and Alex Hill & the Cracking Daisies, Banham Barrel - 12th November 2005

Following a few photos at a Revolution Records' in-store a few months ago, Alex Hill out of the latter title band e-mails Nosher to see if I'm available to take some more photos at the Barrel gig. So I get together The Boy Phil, Sue and Wavy for a trip out to Banham (also home of The BBs) and a major photo session. On arriving, it looks like there's some sort of photo class going on, as there seem to be about a million cameras taking photos; however I persevere and get about 230 photos during the evening. There's great music too, and by the end of the night even Sue, who's not known for hanging out at gigs (apart from U-Poo), states that she's going to "get into more live music". Meanwhile, it's always a litte tricky deciding on whether to use flash or not, especially when there's not a lot of variety in the lighting, but flashless always gives a better atmosphere, and so it was...

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previous album: Demolition Diss: The Destruction of Padley's and Remains of The Feather Mills, Diss - 12th November 2005

Vanilla Kick are already on stage as we arrive

Rory Hill on Bass

Calum Duncan bangs out some vox

Guitar-solo moment

Rob 'Penny Lane' Folkard on PA

Harry Hall with stick

Bizarre moment as Nosher's camera catches someone else's flash

Alex Hill starts her set with a solo acoustic number

Tom Folkard on guitar

Wayne Moore on drums

Reflective moment

Rory Hill also features on bass in The Cracking Daisies

Crowd scene in the Barrel

Paz joins the Daisies on stage for a storming guitar-thrash finale

Alex's dad thanks the crowd

Tom Folkard

Wavy and The Boy Phil

Wavy with a few more beers than he can truly handle at once

Packing up

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Vanilla Kick are already on stage as we arrive