Covent Garden and Chinatown by Night - 9th November 2005

Following the Qualcomm European All-Hands meeting, it's time to once more wander around London: this time armed with a tripod and more of a familiarity with the camera, plus a handy lack of rain. There was a word that the masses were heading to Covent Garden to a pub, which they did so (and therein lies another story...), but although I didn't follow it did suggest a starting point. So I wandered around for a bit, trying to avoid the heaving hourdes around Covent, and then headed off through the theatre district towards Leicester Square and Chinatown...

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Knightsbridge Road

The Wellington Memorial

Covent Garden Market and the Punch and Judy pub

Café society

Stacked chairs


Exit, stage left

The guy lying down is not dead, but is doing pavement art

Coffee Shop


Roast ducks on sticks

Green neon, and more ducks-on-sticks

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Knightsbridge Road