Fireworks From a Distance - 5th November 2005

For a change, I thought I'd drive around looking for a distant vantage point to capture photos of fireworks, rather than be right in there amongst them. And so it was: after driving around lanes for a while, Nosher ended up on Wortham Ling - a heathy area just outside Diss - with the intention of watching the Diss Rugby Club display in nearby Roydon. It was a strange sensation, being in the dark, waiting for something to happen, whilst all around raged unseen displays in Thetford, Ipswich, Bury St Edmunds and beyond: flashes in the cloud all around the horizon and the percussive thud of distant explosions. Occasionally, a visible firework could be spotted exploding over Diss or Wortham village. I couldn't help thinking how similar it may have been to being in, say, the Essex countryside whilst London was being bombed during the war. Anyway, by the time the display started, several other cars had turned up, obviously with the same plan of ligging a free display in mind.

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The road to Redgrave lit up by a passing car

I like this one for the little whirlygig whizzing off to the side

Nice double burst, looking like a couple of flowers

This one looks a bit like a jellyfish

Back home, a house just down the road sets off their own display

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The road to Redgrave lit up by a passing car