Suffolk Networks and a Short Wander Around Eye - 27th October 2005

One of the great joys of being able to work at home is the ability to stagger working hours a bit. And so it was, the day after the Norwich Beer Festival, I met up with Suffolk County Council chum Russell, who was working up the road in Eye connecting a new (or rather re-built) office to the Suffolk wide-area network (WAN) and sticking in all the building networking. Trading in for a late finish allowed an hour off to have a look at the works and to wander around Eye for a bit - even exploring some parts I've never yet been to, despite having lived around "these here parts" for nigh on 15 years...

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Russell in his temporary network office

The new comms room, with funky (un-filled) open-frame comms rack

Newly-plastered walls in what was the Social Services building (and what will be a new 'one-stop shop')

Russell leaves his office

The Eye/Pouzauges twinning roadsign

Eye Castle: shamefully my first-ever visit

The view over Eye Church from the top of the castle ruins. It's not the best light for photos...

The inside of 'the keep'

Russell peers over Suffolk

Walking back down the hill, into the sun

In the Tudor House bakery, Eye

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Russell in his temporary network office