The Magic Numbers at the UEA - 16th October 2005

Nosher had first seen The Magic Numbers last year supporting Ed Harcourt. They were at the time relatively unknown, but are now very much current darlings of the indie scene. And with good reason, as they demonstrate that they've come a long way in a few months by playing a storming set from their current album "The Magic Numbers", plus a few new tracks. My favourite, "Love Me Like You", is given an additional injection of energy and nearly blows the concrete roof of the University of East Anglia's students' union Lower Common Room off its breeze-block-wall support. Not only that, but there are two exceptional support acts: "Absentee", who also supported Ed Harcourt in November '04 (at the Waterfront) and US band The Webb Brothers (warning: Flash site). The audience is a fairly broad mixture and seems to include a number of "Radio 2"-type listeners, who seem a bit perplexed by the goings-on in the mosh pit. All in all, excellent value for a tenner.

next album: Andrew C Leaves Qualcomm Cambridge - 18th October 2005
previous album: Scenes from the Streets of Diss, and some Autumn Colour - 15th October 2005

Support act 'Absentee'

The Webb Brothers

The keyboard player (quite rightly) freaks out as some knobwit lobs beer

Lights on the ceiling

Romeo and the Magic Numbers start their set

The Webb Brothers join the Magics on stage for a number in the encore

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Support act 'Absentee'