Gislingham Variety Club's Murder Mystery: Live - 7th October 2005

Following a dress-rehearsal the previous weekend, it's time for Bill and the Gislingham Players to do their thing in an entertaining evening of murder, mystery and singing...

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Ozzy Osbourne

A gang from the Wild West

The 'mess crew' wait in the wings

The captain does his rounds

A Bjöau;rk-alike

Bill 'sings' Every Breath You Take

The twins

Inspector Boot does a Tom Jones

Simon Cudgell is poisoned - it's something in the water

A mystery girl smiles - in an enigmatic Mona Lisa style - at Nosher

Sitting next to Nosher on the table

Sue, as Madonna and Marc as someone out of the Beatles

Adam Ant wins the best-dressed prize

A Sing-a-long moment

The whole room is singing

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