San Diego Miscellany - 19th-25th September 2005

Random stuff from the fourth trip to San Diego this year, from airports to posh restaurants.

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The building of the much-awaited Baldock bypass in Hertfordshire

Tailplanes shimmer in the exhaust from the auxilliary power unit of a 747

A couple of American Airlines 777 heavies (left) under the gaze of a control tower

Nighttime view out of the Marriott Del Mar hotel window

John S and Rusty at P. F. Chang's on La Jolla Village Drive (which we drove to despite it only being a block away)

Rusty grabs some food

Shiny buildings near the hotel

The shiny building mirrors the sunset

Moving lights like lots of little 'L's on the I-5 heading to Rancho Santa Fe

Kevin, from Kansas City and Brian D

In the expensive (and good) restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe

Marc N gets bought a 'Shirley Temple'

Scene out of the hotel at night

The hotel room (could be anywhere) as Hurrican Rita does its thing on T.V.

Scenery close-ups in plate glass

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The building of the much-awaited Baldock bypass in Hertfordshire