Derelict Cottage in Wortham, and a Wizard Balloon Goes Up - 12th September 2005

Spotted recently, and returned to for a few photos was a derelict cottage in Wortham, well on its way to returning to the earth from whence it came: it's not often you get to see something like this, something that hasn't been "done up" yet. After returning home, heard in the distance is the sound of a fan which heralds the imminent launch of the "Slim Your Bin" Wizard balloon from the grounds of the nearby Cornwallis Arms. This happens fairly frequently during summer, but it's the first time I've got round to wandering over to watch one take off. Update: Sources from "up the pub" (i.e. DH and The Boy Phil) indicate that this cottage is actually still lived in. It seems improbable, but there you go. Had I known that, I wouldn't have gone creeping around the front garden, that's for sure :-)

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A squirrel nicks all the walnuts from Nosher's tree

A derelict cottage near Wortham

A somewhat vague attempt has been made to keep the rain out of what remains of the roof

The pilot inspects the inside of the balloon's envelope

A fan is used to partially inflate the balloon...

...before the burners light to finish the job

Funky deformed shapes as the balloon inflates

The 'Slim Your Bin' balloon is just about ready.

Lift-off of the Wizard balloon on its flight into the Suffolk skies (NASA-esque, huh?)

Up, up and away

Trees line the drive up to the Cornwallis Arms

A decaying log

Early autumnal leaves

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A squirrel nicks all the walnuts from Nosher's tree