Southwold Beach Huts - 3rd September 2005

Overlooked for a few months, a set of photos from immediately after Sally and Paul's wedding. Nosher wandered around Southwold sea-front in his wedding threads taking photos of stuff. There seemed to be quite a few people with cameras around: I wondered whether it was a direct result of the previous week's "Digital Picture of Britain". There was even one guy - a photography teacher - who was keen to discuss my Pentax *ist D, as it was the first he'd seen one "in the wild". He was bemoaning the fact (as do I) that it's a great bit of kit, but no-one seems to have heard of it.

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Tim Hunkin's Water Clock - my third visit - entertaining the crowds

Not sure whether the 'wet floor' sign refers to the little metal dudes in the clock who urinate everywhere

Standing wood in a swirly sea

Groynes, marching off into the hazy distance

Southwold sea front

Man on the pier

Lifeguard station

People on the promenade stroll past a beach hut

Beach-hut roofs

Contemplating the beach, with sand-castle kit in a bag

More beach huts

The Shipwrecked Mariner's Society collection sea-mine


Although it's September, it's grey and chilly: not ideal swimming weather

Writing in the sand

Beach-hut door

Lifeguard station and buoy

A water-aid choir

A toilet is used a collection receptacle

Waveney District Council's decrepit 'no cycling' sign

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Tim Hunkin's Water Clock - my third visit - entertaining the crowds