The Wildfowl of Diss, An Old Chapel and the Moocows of Suffolk - 29th August 2005

After posting off the latest Open University assignment, a rainbow is spotted in the new fountain on the Mere in Diss, which deserves photographing. This, of course, leads to more photos of the various wildfowl that are thronging the edge of the Mere, being fed bread and other morsels by random passers-by. Later, severe Bank Holiday boredom sets in so a trip to photograph the old cowsheds at Dairy Farm is undertaken: the Boy Phil is out rounding up bales of errant straw, and the cows are ever-curious.

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A bowl of red capsicums (peppers) from Nosher's very-own greenhouse

The Mere

A girl with very pink hair has a photo taken. Someone has sprayed out 'no' from the sign, which is appropriate as Madgett's is a cycling shop...

A great raindow in the spray from the Mere fountain

A moorhen splays its webbed feet underwater

A Chinese goose

Close-up of a goose, with a bulge that looks like a radome from an RAF Nimrod

A stranger to these shores, possibly a visiting migrant

Traditional Mere quack-duck

A derelict roof on Valley Farm

The Boy Phil in his tractor

Big sky

Phil picks up a bale

An old chapel in Thrandeston (some photos just look better in black-and-white)

An obvious metaphor: fluffy thistle seeds and fluffy clouds

More fun with curious cows

A cow tries to eat Nosher's tripod

Old sheds at Dairy Farm

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A bowl of red capsicums (peppers) from Nosher's very-own greenhouse