The Geology and Sunsets of Torry Pines, California - 10th August 2005

Qualcomm colleague Dennis takes Nosher out for a look round Torrey Pines State Reserve. The area has some great sedimentary geology and views over the Pacific Ocean, the whole experience of which is topped off with a couple of beers courtesy of Dennis' stash of bottles in a bag of ice, and an amazing sunset. It's one of those great "chill out" moments: sitting on the clifftop with a beer watching the day end in a rare oasis of silence (save for passing aircraft), just a mile or so from the heaving freeways of San Diego.

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Non-native, but abundant, Eucalyptus trees

Bushy scrub

A spiky cactus

A rabbit, unfazed by passing hikers

The sandstone cliff erodes and slumps away

Dennis takes a swig of water

La Jolla, just visible through the gap in the cliff

Sittin' on the cliff, drinking a beer. Sweet...

Sunset over the sea

Five balloons drift gently in the still evening air

An outcrop of sedimentary conglomerate beds

A helicopter clatters by, disturbing the silence

The obligatory 'view out of the hotel window' shot

the minutae of hotel life

An entire stretch limo arrives outside Qualcomm's Building R to take Nosher back to LAX

Nosher's feet in the limo

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Non-native, but abundant, Eucalyptus trees