Harvest Miscellany: Sunsets, Snails, Sales and Straw - 10th-17th July 2005

Various scenes from Summer. The continuing saga of the demolishing and rebuilding of Diss Publishing continues slowly; a bit of rain brings the snails out (actually being forced to clear out a drain leads to their discovery); some more sunsets and cat-up-a-tree; Qualcomm Cambridge celebrate the signing of a contract; the field next to Nosher's house is harvested

next album: A Day With Janie: P-51D Mustang at Hardwick, Norfolk - 17th July 2005
previous album: Steve Ives' Leaving Lunch, Cambridge - 11th July 2005

Diss Publishing gets slowly rebuilt

A snail does its thing

The moon in the clouds

Cat 'A' runs up a tree and then miaows at stuff


The guys eat tortilla chips

Lucy pours out Champagne

Dan makes a Bucks Fizz (Mimosa)

Barley harvest

A heap of straw

Cat 'A' - The Evil Soph-Bags - chases motes in the stubble

The combine harvester pumps out its load

A summer wood near Brockdish, Norfolk

Leafy Lane: bridge over the Waveney, between Brockdish and Syleham

Mog surveys the stubble

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Diss Publishing gets slowly rebuilt