An Indoor Barbeque, The Swan Inn, Brome - 12th June 2005

It's not so much raining as just cold and grey by the time we get back from Debach Airfield, so Sylvia decides to hold the pub barbeque indoors. Rainey, Ian and Abigail come down from Norwich too.

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Granddad interacts with Abigail

Jill G in a nicely-lit portrait

Abigail does the cute sprog thing

DH looks out of the window

Abby wants out

Rainey tries to hide behind a beer towel

MC Marcey-Marc

Apple John, and Pip's nose

Lorraine pulls a pint

Paul looks... err, not sure really

Claire gets in some practice

Not sure what happened to Marc, but it looks painful

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Granddad interacts with Abigail