Huey Lewis and the News, Balboa Park, San Diego - 2nd July 2005

Part of BREWFest 2005 is a live-and-private session from classic 80s band "Huey Lewis and the News", who play a storming set of many of their hits: "If this is it", "Do you believe in love?", "I want a new drug" and "Stuck with you" to name a few. Nosher and Nick bagsied front-of-stage places, and unlike regular gigs where there would be crowd-control barriers and heavies, this meant right at edge of the stage. The whole venue had been specially built just for this gig, which was impressive in its own right. Tricky lighting though: a few spotlights and white shirts...

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The kick-ass horn section

Huey grabs a mobile phone for a close-up

A harmonica-playing moment

The band do an accapella session

Huey leaps into the air

The keyboard player, with what looks like a real Hammond B3 tucked away (mmmm...)

Crowd scene - BREW developers all-round

It's the last gig ever for one of the roadies


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The kick-ass horn section