The BREW Developers' Thrash - 1st June 2005

The first-night "reception" to BREW DevCon 2005 takes place in a cordonned-off bit of the Emacadero - the park by the waterfront in downtown San Diego. The whole place has been turned into a kind of carnival, with fire-eaters, contortionists, fairground attractions, free bars everywhere and more food than you could shake a stick at.

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A chef rustles up some food

A pair of acrobat-types almost disappear into the backdrop

Marcello, current posted to Qualcomm Cambridge, and Will from the London office wear floppy hats

The fire-eaters spot Nosher taking photos and come in for a close-up

One of them sets his trousers on fire whilst juggling with a chain-saw

Russell makes a second attempt at climbing the wall...

...but falls off again just before reaching the top. 'It's my shoes' he was heard to mutter darkly

A ferris wheel

The Manchester Grand Hyatt - venue for DevCon 2005

The reception from the shoreline

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A chef rustles up some food