The White Horse, Empingham, Rutland - 13th-15th May 2005

The Brome Swan Cycling club descends upon Rutland once more, this time encamped at the White Horse in the charming village of Empingham, just a mile from the foot of Rutland Water

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Spammy and Jill in the White Horse's bar on the first evening

Wavy, standing outside the entrance, gives it the thumbs up. Phil reads the noticeboard.

Guv and Wavy drink beer

The assembled group decide upon dinner

Phil and Jill scope the menu out

Colin and DH share a joke

Al chats to the landlord of the hotel

Paul turns his glass upside down just to prove that it's empty

Wavy, overcome with all the excitement, finds a place in the corridor near the bogs to have a snooze

Breakfast on the day of the cycle

The following evening, we assemble in our own 'special room' for dinner. Guv wears a napkin on his head as he'd lost his hair in a freak gust of wind

Marc drinks a cup of tea, complete with sticky-out pinky finger

Everyone laughs at Bill being electrocuted again. Wavy struggles to keep his dentures in

Spammy and John Willy head off

The front aspect of the White Horse, Empingham

A rather cute thatched cottage in the village

No risk of getting lost: the sign shows the way

Colin and Jill wavy goodbye

A spadger (sparrow) flits around

A bunch of pansies

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Spammy and Jill in the White Horse's bar on the first evening