The Fat Tire Bike Tour, Barcelona - 29th April 2005

Nosher, The Boy Phil and Jon "Ninja" M are in Barcelona, and decide to do a bike ride around the city for a few hours as a way of getting to know what's around. The tour is organised by the Fat Tire company and starts out from the base of "Columbus Column" and lasts for around 4 hours. We are guided around by Ivan, an ex-USian who's split the LA scene for something more fulfulling

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Jon 'Ninja' M at the base of 'Columbus Column'

The over-exposure of this photo somehow suits the subject

Lions and buses

The bicycle group meets outside the Fat Tire shop

City Hall, Barcelona

Our cycle guide, Ivan

A Spanish guitarist in the square near the Museu de Picasso in the gothic quarter

A 'modernisme' Art Deco building

Gathered in the park by Arc de Triomf

The entire group poses for a photo by the Arc de Triomf

A random street-stall scene on Carrer de la Marina somewhere

The Sagrada Familiá - Gaudi's famous unfinished cathedral, still mired in controversy

A pigeon is caught in mid-air at the Parc de la Ciutadela

Frank Gehry's fish on the seafront

Cycling along the beach promenade

Ivan chains all the bikes up as we stop for a beer and some food

Beach life

Ivan eats a bag of crisps

Chris from the US, one of the cyclists

Some random dude on the beach with way too much sun-screen on

The Austrian girls

The Boy Phil goes for a paddle

Back in the shop, Ivan puts the bikes away

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Jon 'Ninja' M at the base of 'Columbus Column'