La Rambla, Barcelona - 29th-30th April 2005

A weekend in Barcelona: Nosher tags along with The Boy Phil and Jon "Ninja" Mortlock for a few days in Barcelona. Nosher had sorted out flights and accommodation, the latter of which was the J&G Hostel just of La Rambla, a famous tourist area in Barcelona. Upon finally finding the door, which was an anonymous wooden portal in to what looked like a garage door, just off La Rambla, we opened it and walked into some strange-looking nether-world, and Nosher wondered what exactly it was he had booked. However, the place itself was nice and clean and quiet, so it all turned out right in the end. The whole reason that we'd ended up there - so that Jon could go to a Kuk Sool Won competition, allegedly in Sant Fileu, about 80km out of Barça, was a bit of a bust, as when we finally got to the town, no-one knew of the tournament, and the hotel that Jon had the name of didn't even exist! Meh - Nosher wasn't too bothered, as anything different is still interesting...

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The morning sun lights up the doorway to the terrace at J&G Hostel, La Rambla

In the early morning, the tree-lined avenue of La Ramble is reasonably quiet

The Catalunyan Department of Defence

From the top of Monument a Colon on Place del portal de la Pau - a 60-metre high monument to Chris Columbus

La Sagrada Familiá can just be seen in the distance on the right of the photo

Looking straight down 'La Colon' to street level

The Boy Phil and Jon

Looking up Las Ramblas

Horse and buggy

Some of the sculptures at the base of the column

An aircraft contrail looks like a javelin through the hand of a statue

On the terrace at J&G - Phil reads his guide book

A wicker chair

Artists are all over Las Ramblas painting various things in various styles

Jon writes a postcard. Sadly, we never found a postbox to send them from

Didgeridoo players

La Plaça Reia, an oasis just off La Rambla

Some Haré Krishna-ites pass through Plaça Reia

Lights around the edge of the square

Spanish Moped Boyz pick up some Chicas

A girl does some ribbon gymnastics

Someone's wedding takes place in the church on the edge of a square Nosher was hanging out in

The Café Triton in Sant Fileu, where we'd ended up after trying to find Ninja M's Kuk Sool gig

The Catalunyan Confederació General de Traball - a Catalonian workers' union - stages an impromptu gig outside Gerona bus station

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The morning sun lights up the doorway to the terrace at J&G Hostel, La Rambla