A Couple of Days in Stockholm - 24th-25th April 2005

Nosher and Julian from Qualcomm are despatched to Stockholm: Nosher to do his training thing, and Julian to do some sales stuff. The return for a 6.30am start on a Sunday morning is an afternoon to wander around the old town (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm, an area visited by Nosher as part of the 3G Lab (now known as Qualcomm Cambridge) Press Tour back in 2001

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A guard patrols outside the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

A placque dedicated to King Gustav

Julian mills around

A copper-covered bell and clock tower

Down a cobbled street

The cobbles are arranged in interesting concentric rings

An interesting archway leads off to an alleway

Armchairs in the street outside Café Bacci

The waterfront and the Stockholm Grand Hotel

Architectural detail: a backlit streetlight

The front façade of the Royal Palace

A victorian pissoir

The locals huddle under blankets (as the air is still chilly) outside a café

Inside Café Bacci, some sort of pub quiz is occuring

The bar of Totzvig restaurant - our food-stop for the evening

Julian eats reindeer

Gamla Stan: an evening street scene with a cool hand-shaped sign

Looking over the water to the Stadshuset

Ornate arches on the walk back to the main town

A lion statue which looks strangely like Dougal out of the Magic Roundabout

The funky reception area of our hotel: the Birger Jarl

Trendy Young Swedes hang out in a market square near our business destination

The Finnair Business Lounge at Arlanda Airport. It was very quiet and Julian was fidgetty and bored

Julian dozes on the flight back to the UK

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A guard patrols outside the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan, Stockholm