Nosher's Family History - 1965-1975

Nosher as a sprog, from around 1970 to 1977, plus a few of Mother and her sister and brother from the end of the 60s

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Judith, 1965 (?)

Mother, 1965 (?)

Judith in the lounge at Danesbury, 1965 (?)

Judith, Grandmother and Neil at Danesbury Avenue

Mother on the beach in the 60s

Mother doing the 'groovy 60s chick' thing

Nosher and Sis at Raven Road

The garden of Raven Road, Timperly, and the greenhouse that Sis cycled straight through, 1970

Nosher points at the camera in 1971

On the tricycle at Raven Road

Judith, now living in Switzerland, comes to visit 1969-70

Nosher with the infamous Dougal slippers in the garden at Danesbury Avenue, Southbourne

On holiday in the Malvern Hills, which I can just about remember (despite being only 3 or 4) - 1969 or '70

Nosher stumbles about, whilst Granny watches on

Sis in the Grandparent's lounge at Danesbury, 1971

Sis and Nosher, 1970 or 71

Nosher in a funky red Sou'wester, Sis and Granny (Elsie Riley)

Nosher and sis, plus Dad's Hilman Hunter at Greenhill Drive, Timperley 1973

On holiday in Devon or Yorkshire. I can still vaguely remember this, around 1974

A holiday cottage by the sea in Devon

Nosher at play-school, reflecting later life: of the crowd, but not of the crowd

Sis, Mother and me, New Forest (?)

Grandmother does Christmas dinner in the kitchen of Danesbury Avenue

Christmas 'round the table


Mother and Dad at Danesbury

The back garden of 7 Birtle's Close, Sandbach, 1976

Granny's 80th birthday

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Judith, 1965 (?)