Suffolk (and Norfolk) Snow Days 2 - 4th March 2005

The snow unexpectedly returns, forcing Nosher to abandon the morning trip to Cambridge (after getting a few miles down the road). Within an hour, around 10cm has fallen. Wandering from Chez Nosh to the main A140 to see what's happening, Nosher passes near-neighbour Sue who's been busy building a snowman. Afterwards, a quick trip to see what the snow looks like in Diss.

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The main A140, near Roy Humphries' ever-expanding, light-polluting site

A bit of the front garden

Looking up the road towards the Eye Road crossroads

Sue's snowman takes shape

The front gates of the Corwallis Arms

Nosher's local boozer - The Swan, on the A140

The main Ipswich-Norwich roads remains just about passable throughout

Back at Sue's - the snowman is ready for the addition of the final extras

The carrot goes in

The finished snowman

The Brome postpox and village noticeboard

Diss Mere, from the Park

A couple of ducks waddle down to the frozen water

Seagulls stand on the ice

Diss Publishing Bookshop

Market in the snow

Andy on the sausage-stall asks for a photo of his van

Close-up sausage action

Almost abstract

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The main A140, near Roy Humphries' ever-expanding, light-polluting site