Snow Days - 23rd-27th February 2005

There only seems to ever be a few days of snow a year now, so there's always a bit of excitement when it does arrive

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The view over the field next to Nosher's house

The Cornwallis Arms (formerly The Oaksmere)

The topiary around the Cornwallis. Just like a scene out of 'The Shining'

A bench in the snow

The rooks from the nearby rookery take flight and caw at stuff

Footprints in the snow

Watery snow-ice sits on the greenhouse roof

More snow-ice, which looks almost like some clorophyll-lacking life-form

A water-drop from melting ice caught in the instant of falling from its progenitor

The Sock (Cat 'B') perches on a pole

More melting ice slides down the greenhouse roof

The Sock gets a light dusting of snow

Sophie up a tree

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The view over the field next to Nosher's house