Pacific Coast, Highway 101, California - 16th January 2005

Nosher and the Cambridge Massive take a few hours out on a Sunday morning, before Nosher flies out to Kansas City, to spin the hire car up to the coast near Torrey Pines National Reserve in Del Mar, just outside San Diego, for a spot of sea air. It's hard to sometimes remember that this is January and mid-winter as the warm breeze drifts off the gentle Pacific Ocean and wafts over Route 101.

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A gorgeous old red Porsche drives down Route 101

McHugh-san and John S on the clifftop

A jogger on the beach

John and Russell explore the sand-dunes of Torrey Pines Reserve

Some local flora

A prickly-pear cactus which bears a striking resemblance to a certain evil rodent

Some of the houses along Route 101

A view from the top of the cliff

John on the phone

A succulent cactus flowers

Crossing the railway that runs along the coast

Surf's up, dude

Some small birds run away from the waves

Aircraft contrails and some nice lens-flares

A helicopter clatters by

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A gorgeous old red Porsche drives down Route 101