Travels Around San Diego, California - 11th-15th January 2005

After a couple of days at Qualcomm HQ, stuck mostly in windowless conference rooms, it's good to get out on a Saturday and explore downtown San Diego. By handy coincidence of timing, we're in two for the Martin Luther King parade and the San Diego Multicultural day, and the weather had significantly picked up from the week before our visit, which had seen more rain in a few days than the usual monthly average, and some heavy landslides further up the coast.

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A nice old Rolls-Royce outside the Marriott Del Mar

An impressive January bloom

The hotel's palm-tree-lined swimming pool

A lack of swimming trunks meant Nosher could only look at the tempting water

A load of pool-side chairs

Further down Highway 5, a bunch of Harley-riding biker boys are out for a cruise

We stop by at the Broken Yoke, on Garnet Avenue, for breakfast. Its motto: 'We've got huevos!'

Russell and John both opt for regular 4-egg omlettes, leaving for now the option of a monster 12-egg version

Garnet Avenue, San Diego

At Marina Park near Harbor Drive by San Diego Bay

The marina, with a shiny Marriott Hotel in the background

A San Diego Fire Department engine

John mills around taking photos

A kite flyer gives a demonstration

The quaint, but perhaps obviously named Pier Café

Russell, the 'Man in Beige', scopes out some paintings

A San Diego war memorial

Cyclists raise money for leukaemia research

The USS Midway, with the USS Nimitz in the background

Some guy in the weapons control room fiddles with some radio knobs

A C-1 'Trader' aircraft, number 700, flown by Lt. Phil 'Cowboy' Napierskie

Old Glory, with downtown SD in the background

An F-4S Phantom II

A group of Marines heads back up the runway after recounting stories of their time service on the Midway

The carrier's 'island' - the Command and Control centre

One of the former crew, and now tour-guide, on the bridge

In the chart room

Further on, along Harbor Drive, the Star of India tall ship

The San Diego City and County Administration Building, built in 1931 (?)

A line of parking meters and palm trees. Note the aircraft coming in to land at the airport.

A seagull on a statue

The Pickwick Hotel, in downtown San Diego

A bizarre place to find an unexpected ice rink

In the heart of the Gaslamp District

Russell and John return from a futile quest to find a pool hall

Inside the 'Rock Bottom' sports bar and micro-brewery

The crowds watch the New York Jets and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL playoffs

An old cinema, the 'Balboa'

Water droplets from a fountain near the Convention Centre catch the evening sunlight

Russell gets this passing troupe of Mexican musicians to stop for a photo

It's SD's Multicultural event: here, some Maoris do a hakka

A guy in the audience has bought his dog out in a bag

A Samoan guy plays with fire

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A nice old Rolls-Royce outside the Marriott Del Mar