Christmas Lights Part 2, Diss - 29th November 2004

A groovy sunset, and then some photos of the Christmas lights in Diss. The lights have become fairly infamous following a BBC website "exposé" of the fact that the lights fund had only £5 in it (Britain's meanest town, or somesuch - as picked up by the Guardian, here). This year, supposedly, there was £15,000 in the kitty, and whilst what's there is nice enough, it's hard to wonder where the extra cash went, as the lights seem more-or-less the same as last year's.

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The view over the field next to Nosher's house

Electricity pylons near Stuston

The floating Christmas trees on the Mere

The view up Mere Street

The Market Place, looking up Pump Hill

Peering back down Mere Street

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The view over the field next to Nosher's house