Ed Harcourt Live at Norwich Waterfront - 3rd November 2004

Almost unexpectedly, Ed Harcourt takes album material that at first listen seems to be ephemeral and acousticly-predisposed and presents a great rock-and-wig-out live set, with some very able backing from double-bass, drums, trumpet, violin, keyboards and guitar: proof that strings don't have to be chamber music. There's a great set covering at least the three albums Nosher has in the collection, although sadly missing are a couple of favourites from "Here be Monsters" - "Hanging With the Wrong Crowd" and "Shanghai" (which at least one other person in the crowd apparently wanted to hear too). One highlight was a rendition of "Beneath the Heart of Darkness", with a great heavy-rock moment in the middle featuring some intense double-bass bowing and crunchy guitars for a real headbang session. Although the crowd were highly appreciative, they didn't seem to move around much though. Support was ably provided by two bands, the first of which was called (possiblly) "Absentee", and the second was a real discovery in "The Magic Numbers", recently signed to Heavenly, the home of Ed and Manchester's "Doves", whose signature track had to be "He won't love you like I do" (or something like that) - one of those songs that just makes you grin from ear to ear on hearing. Brilliant gig...

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The lead singer from 'Absentee', who sounded spookily like the singer out of 'Departure Lounge'

The slightly-otherworldly keyboard player

'The Magic Numbers' step up - the lead singer was born in Trinidad, lived in New York and moved to, er, Ealing

Backing vox and tambourine

Ed Harcourt in a sea of blue light

This guy could really blow the horn

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The lead singer from 'Absentee', who sounded spookily like the singer out of 'Departure Lounge'