French markets, Blues and Curry - 16th-23rd October 2004

A bit of October miscellany: several shopkeepers in Diss had been grumbling about the one-off advent of a French Market (cue recollections of burning sheep and desires for retribution), however the town was heaving as a result and all the shops seemed as busy as usual. Then there's a spot of the East Coast Blues Band at the Scole Crossways pub, and Marc rustles up some grub following a Saturday bike ride (which Nosher skived out of)

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Scenes from the market: a stall sells fruit juice

Looking down Mere Street

Les Fromages!

Nuts and garlic

The East Coast Blue Band

Guv and Phil, plus a dude from Guv's band

Sue does her usual 'hide from the camera', Marc serves up some tasty food

Bill builds a fort out of Marc and Sue's VHS collection

Jen relaxes

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Scenes from the market: a stall sells fruit juice