Mark Joseph at Revs and the BSCC at Hoxne and Wortham - 3rd October 2004

It's a bit of a round-up of late-summer miscellany. First off, singer Mark Joseph is playing an in-store at Revolution Records in Diss, the there's another in-store from, erm, someone else. A couple of weeks later, despite it being late in the season, the BSCC is out at the Hoxne Swan and also the Wortham Dolphin

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Mark Joseph in Revs

Mark gets a bit hot

Mark plays a bit of piano

Wes, co-owner of Revs, looks up

Mark signs some CDs

The band packs up

Mark (from Revs) and Wes move the CD shelves back

Mark's manager talks about stuff

More signing

Mark Joseph and the gang at Revs

There's another singer in Revs

Guitar action

Mikey P tests Clare's wine in the Hoxne Swan


Mikey, The Boy Phil and Jen

Bill, Gov and Clare

Marc looks non-plussed

Suey meets up with a friend

Suey's 'sister', and Suey

Marc looks over from the bar

Lara and Bill

Bill points

Mikey and Phil

Clare and Mikey P

There's a band up at the Wortham Dolphin

Wavy, Paul, Marc and Phil


Nosher does that face

The band does its thing

Marc considers the sweet machine

Marc by the ketchup and mustard

Lucy in the Qualcomm office

Michelle with sprog

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Mark Joseph in Revs