A Working Trip to Libertyville, Illinois, USA - 31st August-3rd September 2004

A busy work trip with chum Nick C from work to Motorola in Libertyville, near Chicago in the U.S. doesn't leave much time to wander around downtown Chicago, but gives a couple of hours here-and-there to look around Libertyville itself, a rather quaint Midwest town in the state of Illinois, 40 miles north of the Windy City. It also gives the chance to fulfil a number of American clichés: a diner, a school bus and a fire engine...

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Somewhere over the U.K at 20,000 feet

The greater Chicago area

O'Hare Airport. It's just like flying around in Flightsim!

On the first morning, a State Trooper scopes out the grey rental car (well, maybe he was just doing paperwork)

Nick tests his laptop out in his room

On the edge of Mundelein, a quintessentially vernacular church

More scenes from around town

Classic US small-town houses

We take a trip down to Forest Park to see what amounts to a housing estate comprised entirely of mansions

Another unfeasibly-large house in Forest Park

The beach in Forest Park, on the edge of Lake Michigan

Nick stands around by Lake Michigan, which looks like a sea

A nosh-up at Mickey Finn's in Libertyville: a micro-brewery and eatery. The portions are so huge that we survive by splitting 3 starters between us for dinner.

Breakfast at Elly's Pancake Diner in Mundelein. Nick has a 4-egg-and-sausage-fest, Nosher eats a huge heap of pancakes with pecan nuts and maple syrup

The area contains several distinctive onion-shaped water towers

Walking into 1000 Technology Way, and one of the Motorola offices

Motorola's engineering offices consts of actual cube farms

Motorola's canteen is about the size of a small town

Inside Motorola

Nick and Joel roam around in the sun

The Ansell B. Cook home

Nick stands in front of Old Glory

Attractive small-town park

Libertyville 'Village Hall'

A fire truck rushes past

Another great U.S. icon: the small-town cinema

The outside seating area of Mickey Finn's, our port of call for food and beer

School bus, just like The Simpsons

One of our final ports of call is a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts outlet in Gurnee. The doughnut line is in full swing

Nick shows off his prize of 12 doughnuts

The gates are full on our return to Heathrow, so we disembark to a bus on the apron. Welcome back to the U.K.

A view of Paddington Station.

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Somewhere over the U.K at 20,000 feet