Thornham Bike Ride, Diss and Ipswich - 15th-17th April 2004

A bike-ride to Finningham White Horse and Thornham Horse Shoes (or the Four Horse-shoes of the Apocalypse as Nosher likes to call it), followed by a Saturday morning in Diss, whereupon I spotted Jo (from Nosher's band, the BBs) organising a skateboard fundraiser near the Mere, and then a haircut in Ipswich.

next album: Visiting Dave Dood at the Sanger Center, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire - 23rd April 2004
previous album: A Day at the Beach: Sunny Southwold - 12th April 2004

The girls do the 'Speak, Hear and See no evil' thing

DH and Marc hang out in the fireplace

Nosher, Bill and Phil do the monkey thing as well

Wavy relaxes on the windowsill

In Diss on Saturday, Jo Bowley talks to one of the fundraisers

One of the Diss Express' freelance photographers appears. Nosher hides his humble digicam in shame

Later on Saturday, in Antonio Giovanni's in Ipswich, Michelle tries to hide from the camera...

...whilst Stef does his thing on a customer

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The girls do the 'Speak, Hear and See no evil' thing