Friday Night at the Wortham Dolphin - 19th March 2004

My mate Andrew came down from Ipswich and joined up with the gang who ended up at the Wortham Dolphin listening to a rock band called Snake Oil (who did a good version of Lynnard Skynnard's Freebird - complete with half-hour outro).

next album: Mikey P and Clare's Wedding Reception, Brome Grange - 20th March 2004
previous album: Rainey and Sproglet visit the Swan - 10th March 2004

Quality top-of-the-head shot of Andrew and Paul

John inspects the change in Jess' hand... order to feed the chocolate-mini-egg machine

more mini-eggs are called for

Andrew chats to Jen

Guv looks perplexed



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Quality top-of-the-head shot of Andrew and Paul