Mikey P's Stag Do in Amsterdam - 5th-7th March 2004

Mikey P and a miscellany of 12 chums and rellies travel to Amsterdam to celebrate his upcoming marriage in traditional style. Trains, Plains (at least for Andy), Ferries and feet get us to our digs for the weekend - "Durty" Nelly's bar on Warmoestraat right in the Red-Light district of town - ideally placed for such an occasion ;-). Props to Guv for organising the gig and getting us all there and back without major incident.

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The epic journey begins at Diss Station on a misty, cold morning

The boys shelter from the drizzle and wait for the train

Mikey P starts as he means to go on with a slug of Czech Plum Whisky

On the train, Guv wonders just exactly what he's taken on...

Waiting at Maningtree

On the next train at Maningtree - Jimmy hands out his stash of sausage rolls

The gang

On the boarding gangplank at Harwich

Phil on the ferry

On the stern of the ferry. Standing up was harder than it looks as the ferry belts along at around 40 knots

Phil passes some time with a spot of virtua tennis

In the bar

In the waiting room at Hoek Van Holland

Stage 4: the train from HvH to Amsterdam, still at the station

Tim hides, Jimmy has a gingernut (add your own Wavy joke-of-choice :-)

Wavy has a wander around...

...and all the excitement makes him sleepy for a change

Finally we arrive at Durty Nelly's on Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam

Mikey P dons his stag antlers (well, fluffy pink deeley-boppers are the next-best thing)

...and gets a snog from Wavy

the lads out searching for food

Phil finds a cat milling around

Orders get taken.

Hurrah for everything!

Jimmy lookes shocked, Mikey P looks, well...

The big red light's a clue here

Bill checks the merchandise

Strolling past some 'windows'

having another beer at a bar on the edge of Dam square

Back in Nelly's bar for more beer

and more tongues

the following morning for a breakfast of bread and cheese

outside as we head off back into town for a bit of sightseeing

wandering down Brugstraat

looking over Damrak towards Centraal Station

scoping out the shops on Damrakstraat

Phil looks at some clogs

crossing Dam square in front of Koninklijk Palace

a womand cycles by with a plastic leg (for some reason)

The Anne Frank statue near the house on Prinsengracht

Nosher and Phil splinter off to look round the Anne Frank Huis - the rest of the gang head off to find a bar

Some scenes from the walk from Prinsengracht to the Market and the Heineken Experience

Primary destination achieved: the Albert Cuyptmarket on Cuypstraat



A first for Nosher, a long-time fan of Stroopwaffels, gets to eat a freshly-made, hot one

In what kicks off something of a theme, a photo of Phil with a wooden cow

The frites van where we stopped off for sustenance

Another wooden cow...

Inside the Heineken Experience, in the old brewery

Tourist shots'r'us

Phil sticks his head in a copper tank

The brewery thoughtfully provides a beer-stop half way round (free, too)

More touristy shots on a drumkit...

...made out of Heineken barrels and suchlike

A whole wall covered completely with bottle tops

At bar 2 we get two free beers

My local chum Martin F meets up with us back in Nelly's bar and shows us around town a bit more

In Restaurant 2 - Saturday Night - the Three Sisters

Eating greens

Jamie, who wasn't that hungry, gets half a pig in rib form

Mikey P chews the bone

The staff are tipped off that it's Mikey's stag do, and so a special dessert is wheeled out...

...apparently, according to custom, it must be eaten without implements...

...probably for its crowd-entertaining effects

Back on the streets

and then some of the guys decide to eat again

Back at base, it's time for more beer

and som general beery photos...

Mikey P looks like toast

Upstairs in the dorm

The following morning, Mikey P and Andy do their ablutions

We have a few hours before getting the train back, and so mill around for a bit more, but with sunshine!

A last café stop

Wavy has a special moment with loading his first wallet (made out of hemp, of course)

Amsterdam Centraal Station

back on the ferry on the way home. Guv looks wistfully towards the disappearing Netherlands

In the waiting room at Ipswich Station

The End. Back at Diss.

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The epic journey begins at Diss Station on a misty, cold morning