My Sister's Wedding - 20th December 2003

Sis gets married in Devon: rehearsals, The Rev Tebbs, beers in the pub, best women, a collection of family never before seen, ushing, a groovy wedding gig, coaches, receptions, food and dancing. Most of the photos Nosher took were Black & White, but a few digicam pix were grabbed along the way (although the church ones are a little blurry as they had to be flashless)

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Stopping off at services on the M4

Debs in the church at Meavy for the rehearsal

Debs and Matt test out the pews

The excellent Rev Tebbs

Getting the flowers together

The morning of the wedding: Sis gets her hair welded...

...and then gets strapped in to 'the dress'

Dad walks Sis down the aisle

The Service...

More of the service...

Coaches take the assembled masses to the Reception. Uncle Bruno looks on

Mum and Mike

'G' and Judith

Mike and Bruno

Sis and Matt boogie

Dad and Vanessa

More thrashing about...

Nosher takes a self-portrait in his room

Breakfast the morning after...

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Stopping off at services on the M4