Weird Dudes on Shed - Sometime in August 2003

For no particular reason, on the way home from the pub one night, Nosher, Marc, Sue and DH decided to camp out on Marc's shed roof to watch the stars and talk about life. During the hour-or-two we were up there, Sue valiantly kept us fed with toast, whilst DH managed to break a nearby tree and partly fall through the roof. These photos were thought to be lost to the world, until I found them on a CDR in an old carrier bag.

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Nosher looks on, DH eats toast

Sue points at something

More toast

Marc spreads out as more toast appears

Err, toast

DH shortly before he broke the tree

Marc giggles and Sue rolls one of her trademark micro-ciggies

DH after he broke the tree (evidence the leaves on the roof)

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Nosher looks on, DH eats toast