Theberton Camping Trip, Suffolk - 11th August 2002

The Bike Club "splinter group" gets its thang on and has an unofficial weekend away at the Lion Inn in Theberton - near Leiston in Suffolk. The pub, rather handily, has a small campsite in the back garden. Facilities are basic, but there's good beer only a matter of metres away, which makes up for it. During the night, DH's snoring is so bad that The Boy Phil is forced out of the tent in an attempt to sleep in the car, only to find that Bill is already there and has locked the doors. Later, we cycle around the countryside via Orford (where Bill famously moons out of an upper-floor window) and Snape.

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Nigel, Jenny, Sue, The Boy Phil, DH and Marc lurk around the kettle

Marks VW campervan is a little full

Apple gets his Y-fronts out

Phil and DH sit on DH's TVR

Mark roams around looking like Wee Willie Winkie

Marc in the morning

Morning tents

Pippa checks if the coast is clear before launching in to a bacon sandwich

DH has a fry-up in the van

The bike group, prior to the off

A bit of a crash, as DH and Sue pile off the tandem whilst negotiating a slippery ford

The Boy Phil waits outside the Ship Inn

The landlord opens up a bit early for us, seeing as we're lurking around for beer

Nigel gets some sun as a horse trots by

Nigel and Phil cycle past a traction engine, which just happens to be trundling around the Suffolk countryside

Bill, Marc and Phil sup beer

Pippa and Apple

Sue, Phil and Marc wait for lunch in the Jolly Sailor, Orford

Mrc gets an ice cream

DH cycles past the Jolly Sailor

Jenny, DH and Nigel on the quay at Orford

Orford Quay

Boats and sheds at Orford

Milling around on bikes, deciding what to do next

Lounging around on the motte outside Orford castle

Bill's arse can just be made out mooning from the 1st floor window

Bill scratches his head

Back through Orford, past the Kings Head

The Cygnet wherry at Snape

A map-reading moment

Later on at Theberton, Mikey P comes over to visit

Wavy nearly knackers himself by climbing over a gate, the other half of which is entirely open

Apple in the morning

Nosher's tent

Marching about

We pause for a while and hang over a gate

Marc and Bill are almost invisible, on account of their camouflage

DH and Phil wait for the next pub to open

Catching some sun on the beach

DH legs it for the sea

Sue, DH and Marc paddle about

Nosher and DH test the water.

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Nigel, Jenny, Sue, The Boy Phil, DH and Marc lurk around the kettle