BSCC Bike Ride, Bedford - April 2002

The Brome Swan Cycle Club has its annual bike ride, this time near Bedford. It's a 20-30 mile ride around the countryside, stopping off at several pubs on the way (and even going through Ireland on the way round). There's also an evening dinner arranged, to which several of the riders only just make in time (on account of stopping off at another pub near to the hotel.

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Marc and Sue

Apple John looks up at the ceiling

Anne throws some shapes

DH has a giggle

Anne, Colin and Apple


Wavy with his 'Dr. Pooh' tee-shirt

Anne laughs as Apple disappears under the table

Wavy's trainer is hidden in a wall

John Willy licks Apple's ear

Colin has a giggle too

Wavy, Bomber L, Nigel and Jenny

Bikes at the ready

Colin and Nigel

A dove squeezes an egg out

Checking the directions

Colin and Spam watch the traffic

Outside a pub

Bomber L farts - Jill tries to escape the miasma

At the river for lunchtime

Nigel gets an insect stuck to his hand

Swans drift by

John Willy de-nits Wavy

Eating lunch on the river bank

Bizarre sign: it's a long night on Bedfordshire

Stick game

Nigey-babes racks up for skittles

Stick game on red baize

Marc sits outside The Guinea

We end up in Ireland

Sue, Nosher and Anne in Irelane

Nigel relieves himself in a field

Sitting by the roadside for a while

Nigel lets one off. Luckily there's a sign to warn passers-by

Pippa and Apple

Pub garden

Apple with cling-film on his head

Pip and Apple, all frocked-up

Nosher with purple shirt

Spam checks who's ordered what

Jenny and Nigel

Back at the Swan, Sylvia gets some pressies for organising it all

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Marc and Sue