3G Lab Go Skiing In Chamonix, France - 12th-16th March 2002

Nosher's employer - 3G Lab - takes out the entire company (well, at least anyone who wants to go) skiing in the French mountain resort of Chamonix.

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At Luton Airport, Adrian 'Dogs' and Matt W eat some service-station breakfast

Stef pauses in front of our Easy Jet flight for a photo

In Chamonix, Marc gets his skis sorted

Milling around Chamoix with skis in tow

A bit of Chamonix, and the mountains behind

The mountain view from outside our hotel

Marc and Jo

Beer o'clock

Matt Whiting and Nosher

Sam, Paul, Yann and Wendy

Mishy, Dave Reid and Stephanie Rolland

Paul Reilly and Wendy

Paul, Michelle's foot and Wendy

Wandering up Chamonix high street

Dogs, Wendy and Michelle

Mishy racks up on the pool table

Wendy gives it the thumbs-up as Simon Nightingale looks on

A band, and some funky lights

Dave Reid on skis

Michelle hangs about

Mishy and Wendy

Queueing for the ski-lifts

A spot of Apres-ski

Michelle and Wendy sit on a wall

Stephanie, as boarders do, sits on her arse for a bit

Wendy scoffs something from her secret stash

A stack of skis and a mountain view

More mountain scenery

At dinner, it's time for raclette

Rob Kurowski holds up a blob of bread-and-molten-cheese

Simon, Mishy, Dave and Yann at the bar


The following day, Nosher and Yann take the telepherique up to the Aiguille du Midi

3,500 metres up near the Aiguille Du Midi

Up in the clouds

Nosher and the mountains (looking towards Italy)

Looking down from the mountain-top towards the valley below, with Chamonix at the bottom

Yann looks out

Dangerous path for hardcore Vallée Blanche skiers only

An intrepid skier heads off

Nosher and Yann have a bite to eat outside Chamonix station, before heading back to Geneva

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At Luton Airport, Adrian 'Dogs' and Matt W eat some service-station breakfast