BSCC Cycle Club Dinner, and a Fallen Tree - December 2000 and January 2001

The Brome Swan Cycle Club has its annual Chrimbo dinner up at the pub. A few weeks later, the big old tree in the pub's back garden decides to fall over in the night, on account of having its trunk infiltrated by honey fungus. It just scrapes the side of the pub, and wakes up Lorraine (the youngest daughter). It even makes the local paper - the Diss Express - who, for a change, manage to report on it within a few months of it actually happening.

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The BSCC Christmas dinner 'top table'

Apple looks surprised

Apple John looks a little worried

Wavy runs off to raid the kitchen

John Willy chases Wavy around the table

Alan does his speech

John Willy does a spot of singing

Apple passes aroudnthe chocolates

Jill struggles to keep her hat on

Spammy smiles

The cycle club massive

The fallen tree

Ian has a look around

Claire stands next to the tree, for scale

Ian inspects the stump

The tree meets the pub

Apple inspects the fungal destroyer


The River Thames by night, and the wobbly bridge

The 'wobbly' Milennium Bridge in London

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The BSCC Christmas dinner 'top table'