CISU at the Dhaka Diner, Tacket Street, Ipswich - 26th May 2000

The Suffolk County Council I.T. department (CISU/ISIS) is out for another night at the Dhaka Diner, an Indian restaurant on Tacket Street - not far from the office of St. Edmund House on Rope Walk. It may even be a session connected with Nosher's relatively imminent departure from SCC as Employee #7 of start-up 3G Lab

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Russell, Joe and Dan 'Parrot' Polley in the Lord Nelson on Fore Street

Andrew, Russell and Joe discuss stuff

A pub full of ISIS: Joe, Dan, Julian Laughlin, Rob Grimley, Carl Rhoden, Roy 'Macca P' and Lesley

More beer drinking

Someone (probably Russell) holds up a newspaper with a scary kid on the front. At least it gives a canonical date

Lesley looks over

Roy 'Macca P' and Jon Segger look like they're playing air drums

A fuzzy Andrew and the girl from Chris Rundell's department (Karen?)

The long tablet at the Dhaka Diner

Roy looks a little glum

Carl hides behind Andrew

Dan 'Parrot' and Russell

Rob Grimley grins

A slightly fuzzy Roy

Andrew does a kiss

A group photo outside the Dkaha Diner

The party group disperses

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Russell, Joe and Dan 'Parrot' Polley in the Lord Nelson on Fore Street