The CISU Massive do Malaga, Spain - October 14th 1998

Nosher's uncle Graham looks after an estate of villas somewhere near Malaga, and so the Old Man suggests getting in touch for a bit of a freebie holiday. And so it was - Nosher and some of the SCC massive, together with some other chums of the day head down to a travel agent in Ipswich to sort out some cheapo flights and pile over to Spain for a bit of late-Autumn sun. Despite it being October, and well out of season, it is nevertheless warm enough to sunbathe on the beach. Although quite a bit of stuff has closed up for the winter, we still manage to find a local bar to frequent, which is all you need, really. During the trip, we hire a sproghauler and drive along the coast to Gibraltar to poke the monkeys and then head up in to the mountains for a change of scenery.

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We have lunch in some shopping mall, where Elen learns 'la cuenta, por favor'

'Dave' does some cleaning up

We have the beach almost to ourselves

Andrew and Paul Jay outside one of our regular haunts

Jon gets excited about an imminent barbeque

Looking down the coast towards Marbella

A spot of sunbathing

Paul and Andrew play Stick Game

Beach-side bar life

Boats in the marina at Benalmádena

Andrew looks at expensive yachts

A luxury motor cruiser

Jon tumbles upside down in a Malaga underpass

The gang pause for a subway photo

The Málaga bull ring

Old town Málaga

Jason and Jon survey the view

The gang at the top of the world

'Dave' and Paul

Café life and the ever-present Mickey D's

It's almost like a band photo

Paul, Jason and Jon on a bench

A Málaga hill fort

Outside the Diputacion Provincial de Málaga

Another band-like photo

Our villa, right

Elen on the beach

Jon talks to 'Dave'

Andrew and Elen

Jon sips a Sangria

On the rocks

Street market

Paul poses with a Backstreet Boys poster

A strange expression

Elen and Paul look at street tat

On the streets in old Malaga

In the street below, everyone waits in the hire car

Gibralta town centre

This Gibralta street already has its Christmas lights up

Window shopping

Jon, Jason, Andrew and Elen

Andrew strolls around

A mosque sits at the foot of the mist-shrouded mountains

Jon Segger and Jason in front of the lighthouse

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We have lunch in some shopping mall, where Elen learns 'la cuenta, por favor'